I Finally Got On The Lists Bandwagon.

And boy, is it a party!

Erik Burger
2 min readAug 3, 2021


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Medium introduced lists, like, 200 years ago. What can I say, it took me a while to get with the times and look into them.

What I found made me giddy like a schoolgirl, frilly pink dress and all.

List are pretty much what I’ve always wanted but never knew to ask for. I am not exactly a niche kinda guy. I could say I am “still trying to find my voice,” or that I am “exploring all avenues.” You could even say I am sowing my royal oats.

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Let me repeat that. No, it’s not that.

Truth is, I am not here to find my niche. I am here to write. And I’ll write about anything that interests, concerns or otherwise fascinates me.

I also write because it’s therapeutic. And seeing I have a terrible track record finding an actual, live therapist, that’s a big plus.

The challenge with being niche-less is that it quickly becomes difficult for you, my interested reader, to find the stories that you’re, well, interested in. If you dropped by my profile because of my insights into the lessons a story about a caterpillar taught me, you might be less interested in how to build a CLI in .NET (if you do not know what those acronyms are, I rest my case).

Lists to the rescue. They allow me to organize my work into semi-cohesive streams of like-minded stories for your perusal.

So, without further ado (which already has been much, and mostly about nothing), please allow me to present to you..my lists.

My Mental Health Journey

My stories about my struggles with my mental health and mental health care in particular.

On Mindset and Other Self-Development Stuff

Essays, realizations, tips and tricks and others such goodies.

Writing and Writers

About writing in general and writers I follow and love in particular.

Programming and Tech

Stories about Programming and Tech and everything remotely related.

Erik is still struggling with writer’s block (or whatever the hell it is) and all he can produce right now is this story about Lists. There’s actually more to him, which you can read about here while waiting for him to get his mojo back.



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